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KONLLEN billiards


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KONLLEN Laser Series Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Stick Leather Wrap Professional Cues Full Carbon Technology Low Deflection 12.2mm 147cm Uni-loc Pin.

  • KONLLEN has always been a leader in the field of carbon fiber clubs. The carbon fiber shaft is slightly harder than maple wood, so it is not easy to bend. In addition, the advantages of high stability will inevitably make the cues feel transparent and have good transmission.
  • Laser meteor style, radiant. Laser technology uses high energy density beams to precisely process cues to make the surface smoother without affecting the rod release. With it, you will be the most dazzling one on the court.
  • 12.2mm rainbow tip, multi-layer pressed tip, fine powder, strong ball grabbing ability, transparent power transmission, more solid hitting feel, perfectly adjusted arc tip, no need for secondary processing and polishing.
  • Made of cowhide leather, it is wear-resistant and breathable, and is friendly to people with sweaty palms. It has a firm feel and good friction, so the ball will no longer slip when playing.
  • KL-SX is a 3/8*8 Radial pin, KL-CC and KL-HY are Uni-loc pins. The stainless steel joints are not easy to rust, easy to clean, and have a long service life. Choose your favorite joint according to your needs. Each cues is equipped with a soft case, the length is 147cm, the weight is 19-20oz, and the weight can be adjusted.