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KONLLEN Carom Billiards Cue Real Inlay Low Deflection 3 Cushion Carom Cue 12 Pieces in 1 Shaft Technology 142cm 12mm Libre Cue

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【Craft】Butt uses flower arrangement and inlay ring technology, which is top.Both forearm and butt are 4 long and 4 short solid wood inlaid flower arrangements.

【Shaft】The 12 pieces in 1 Technology shaft are made into this shaft through many professional processes. It belongs to the exclusive reels of Carom players.The interior is made of balsa wood to ensure the feedback and feel of the shot.

【Tip】KONLLEN High-end pigskin tip is specially designed for Carom players. 12-12.2mm,which can bring you the perfect catching effect.
【Joint】Cue is 142cm, adjust the weight,use the 3/8*8 professional radial pin, all of these are to bring more professional stability and controllability, every hitting is a kind of enjoyment.

【Professional】carom cue is a benchmark against the world's top level of existence.Transparent transmission, stable performance,low deflection, perfect assembly of professional cue.