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KONLLEN billiards

2 holes Cue Box

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KONLLEN New Arrival Pool Cue Stick Portable Carrying Case 86cm Length Billiard Accessories acessorios 

  • 1. The size of the KONLLEN cue box is 85.5cm*7.5cm*5cm,1.87kg. It is just enough to place a butt, a shaft and two chalks. The appropriate space just meets the needs of daily travel.
  • 2. The wooden box body is combined with PU fabric, which is not only wear-resistant, but also easy to clean. The two ends of the cue box are reinforced with large plastic edging, which can avoid the wear of the four corners.
  • 3. The inside of the cue box is thickened sponge, and then it is lined with flannelette. Such a structure can ensure that the cue is not bumped, and it can absorb moisture and prevent moisture.
  • 4. This cue box uses a copper lock, which is strong and retro. Each lock is equipped with four additional fixing screws, which can ensure that it will not loosen and can be used for a long time.
  • 5. The handle part is made of thickened PU leather, which feels comfortable. You won't feel tired even if you carry it for a long time. Fixed screws are also added on both sides to avoid the breakage of the handle.