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CRICAL Pool Snooker Training Cue Arm And Wrist Integrated Orthotics Appliance Left Right Hand Training Tool Billiard Accessories

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An orthotic device that helps players correct the wrong posture of the upper arm, forearm and wrist.
High-grade elastic fabric, suitable for all hand types, can be divided into left-hand and right-hand.
The function of this model is to correct the wrong habit of the golfer's long-term development of the wrist valgus or turn inward when holding the club, and improve the stability of the shot. At the same time, it corrects the golfer's unconscious swinging of the wrist when the shot is shot, resulting in the shot not being straight.
How to use: After wearing it, practice the straight ball, score 50 balls each time, and practice for 7-10 days to achieve the corrective effect.
Several billiards teaching bases designated training equipment, built-in adjustable stereotyped aluminum plate.