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HF Billiard Ball Cleaner Machine Pool 16 balls Snooker 22 Balls Automatic Washing Machine

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Name:Automatic billiard ball washing machine
Type: American 16 ball washing machine
Material:Plastic Parts
Configuration: Ball washer, power cord, tools, steel brush, accessory kit,Instruction manual, warranty card

STEP 1 : Open the pole of the ball washer and put the ball in.
Note: Do not turn on the power switch before putting the ball
STEP 2 : Spray an appropriate amount of ball washing liquid
Note: 1. The wool loop and wool pad of this machine are imported pure wool, which is not suitable for washing, otherwise it will cause the machine to rotate.
2. Don't put too much ball washing liquid!
STEP 3 : Turn on the power, press the blue start button, the voice broadcast starts to wash the ball.When the ball is started, the ball will rotate forward for 1 minute, pause for 10 seconds and then reverse for 1 minute
STEP 4 : The voice broadcast is over, wait for the ball to stop spinning, then take the ball
Note: Be sure to turn off the red power switch when taking the ball. The ball can be taken after the ball stops.

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Video Tutorial: Billiard Ball Cleaner Machine - YouTube