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KONLLEN AS-1F Carbon Fiber Pool Cue 12.5mm TIP

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  • The material makes a comprehensive breakthrough,carbon fiber shaft, hardness is 2 times of wood shaft, no deformation, no cracking, no knock, toughness is far better than wood.
  • The whole pool cue adopts inaly technology, using precious abalone shell, maple wood dyeing, complicated and exquisite craftsmanship.
  • The 12.5mm low deflection KONLLEN carbon fiber shaft glued with 9-layers M-tip has hign-performance hitting feeling and can make more spin with high accuracy at the same time.3/8*8 radial pin,seamless connection.
  • Two kinds of grip design, AS-1F adopts wrapless design, feel comfortable; AS-2F adopts black lychee leather, comfortable and non-slip, high-end material.
  • AS Series length 147cm,weight 19oz about(weight adjustable,you can buy the weight bolts in another link),coming with a wooden original pool cue box to protect the cue stick.