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KONLLEN AS Carbon Fiber Inlay Pool Cue Stick 10.5/11.5/12.5mm Leather Wrap/Wrapless Black Technology Low Deflection Billiard

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  • Design: AS series is designed by a famous Chinese designer team. Everyone who sees the red color of AS-1F will be attracted by it. This red color represents "Orthodoxy and Dignity" in China. It also looks very high-end when paired with the original wooden cue box. Whether it is a gift or for personal use, it is a very good choice.

  • Material: The butts of the AS-1F are all made of a rare wood called ‘Safflower Pear’. This kind of wood was loved by nobles in ancient times because of its bright red color, excellent gloss and natural aroma. When you hold the cue in your hand, you will feel its profound cultural heritage.

  • Performance: The performance of KONLLEN cue is undoubted by every professional player. The AS series all use 100% carbon fiber shafts, which are twice as hard as maple shafts. It is combined with KONLLEN's nine-layer special tips to achieve low deflection and high precision at the same time. This is the realm that every professional player wants to pursue.


    • Workmanship: Every cue of the AS series embodies the concept of ‘Pure Handmade and Real Inlay’. There are five rings of precious abalone shells on each cue. They are all inlaid one by one by craftsmen who spend a lot of time. The whole process is complex and exquisite. This is not only the embodiment of luxury, but also the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage.

  • Diversity: There are three sizes of tips (10.5mm/11.5mm/12.5mm) to choose from; 3/ 8*8 joints can be tightly connected to match most brand cues.It can be extended by extension and the weight can also be adjusted.