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KONLLEN Billiard Carbon Fiber 3 Cushion Carom/Libre Cue Stick Shaft Uni-loc /Radial 3/8*8 Pin Joint Single Shaft for PERI

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It can fit PERI/ZOKUE/HOW/FURY /KONLLEN 3 cushion cue


1.Harder than toughened glass
2.No embroidering and no erosion, good durability, seamless butt joints, high transmission strength
3.Mixed shaft, shock-resistant multi-density molecular foam and aerospace fiber composite tubes, so that each forelimb has a lower mass and kinetic energy transmission
4.The black technology shaft uses aerospace-grade pure carbon fiber composite material


Name:KONLLEN Carbon Energy Shaft(Suit forCarom Cue)
Ferrule:Bakelite ferrule
Shaft:Carbon Fiber Shaft
Joint:3/8*8 Radial Pin For PERI/KONLLEN/JFLOWERS
3/8*8 Radial Pin(Hirakuchi)For ZOKUE/HANBAT Cue
Uni-loc Quick-release Pin For PREDATOR
Tip:Hell Fire Tip
Suit For:Carom Cue

Package includes:

Shaft*1+Joint Protector