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KONLLEN One Piece Snooker Cue Carbon Fiber 10.2mm

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KONLLEN One Piece Snooker Cue Carbon Fiber 10.2mm Black Technology Billiard Cue Ebony Butt with Extension and Case Single Cue

One piece cue design, the transmission is more transparent, and the playing feeling is upgraded again.
The butt is made of high-tech sandalwood material, which balances elasticity and hardness, is not easy to deform, and has a good feeling of play. It is the choice of many professional players.
Black technology carbon fiber front section material, stronger explosive power, better hardness, higher accuracy, easier to control, easier to score.
Traditional Chinese elements creative lattice ring, blue dragon, white tiger, phoenix classical mythological totem, including historical background.
With anti-slip and anti-collision rubber bumper design, extension and hard cue case are provided, and there is no pressure on the long table and far table.