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KONLLEN Pool Balls 57.2mm Resin Balls Set 2-1/4" 16pcs Full Set For Pool Tables Billiard Pendulum Sticker Billliards Accessories

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Complete Set: Full set of 16 balls including 15 solid balls and a cue ball, classically designed pool sets for maximum play consistency.
Perfect Material Performence: Crafted from the high grade poly resin and each ball are calibrated and polished for exceptional scratch and impact resistance
Dimension (approximate): Each ball is regulations size, measuring 2.25" in diameter,Weight: 0.37lbs(168gram)
Precision Manufacturing: KONLLEN adhere to the most stringent specifications to ensure superior playability and durability,each ball precision engineered for perfect roundness
Versatile Usage: One Ball One Centre, Designed with perfect roundness and uniform hardness ideal for billiard players of all skill levels and various pool site.

Package includes:

Box*1 + Ball*16