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Leather Chalk Bag

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  • Vegetable tanned leather is the best kind of top layer cowhide. The characteristics of vegetable tanned leather are that the leather has very high fastness, toughness and durability, and is generally hard.
  • Good vegetable tanned leather products can be used as heirlooms. It has the characteristics of water absorption and oil absorption, so it will become darker and softer with the use of time. Vegetable tanned leather is more expensive and generally suitable for For handmade.
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to carry, portable to use, hang in your pocket or on your waist, You can also hang it on cue case,no longer leave the chalk around.
  • All hand-sewn, meticulous and dense stitching, strict control of materials and craftsmanship, and precise cutting.
  • A total of 5 colors, Size 3x3x3cm, weight 0.4oz,This chalk bay is not magnetic. (chalk is for reference only, not included)