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New Arrivel Pool Snooker Cue Laser Sight Billiard Training Equipment Snooker Cues Action Correction Exerciser Billar Accessories

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Note:A is the battery, B is the charge, the battery can't be sent, please understand.
Simulate the effect in the game
1.Eliminate visual errors
The left and right eyes produce two different images that enter the brain and produce errors.Laser point, clear aiming position, help practitioners to establish the correct targeting habits and ways.
2.Understand the principle
With the aim card, different angles, which makes ball hit position more clear.
3.Correct the stroke action
Correct the action of the cue stroke. You can't observe the subtle difference in the action. The effect on the ball is different. When the cue is attached to the laser sight, all the subtle deviations you exert are reflected by the laser. Let you see the wrong action that you have previously ignored. Practice to make the cue movement more standard.