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Billiard Ball Cleaner Machine Pool 16 balls Snooker 22 Balls Clean Automatic Washing Electronic Ball Clean Machine Accessories

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  • Billiards automatic ball washing machine, suitable for American billiards 16balls.
  • Say goodbye to the troubles of cleaning up, and effectively solve the problems of dull, sticky, unclear sound of billiard balls. Manually rubbing the ball is tired and slow, and the gloss of the rubbing effect is not enough. The new ball washing machine tells polishing to solve all problems.
  • The inner ring and bottom pad of this machine are made of wool, so remember not to wash.
  • Product size 46cm*46cm*30cm, weight 12kg, including ball washing machine, power cord, tools.
  • Motor cooling system, voice broadcast function.
Only the ball washer is sold without balls