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Billiards Cue Tip Rounding Cutter Cues Tip Repairing Tool BallTeck Carom Snooker Pool Cue Tip Round Cutting Billiard Accessories

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step 1:Roughly trim the edge of the tip with a blade

step 2:Oblique knife rough tip top arc

step 3:Rough cutting of tip edge with flat knife step 4:Reverse finishing


Brand:Ball Teck Korea

Name:Cue Tip Rounding Cutter


Available Diameter of Tips:10mm-13.5mm


1.The cue that has changed the ferrule taper may be cut to the ferrule

2.Using for too long, the deformed cue of the ferrule may be cut to the ferrule

3.The partition is suitable for cues below 10mm. Do not remove the partition for the big tip cue, remember!