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CRICAL CL-PRO Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Stick Black Technology Low Deflection 12.4mm Tip 3 * 8/8 Joint Pin Professional 1/2 Billiard

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  • 3K twill weave billiard cues are made of high-strength carbon fiber as raw material, so they have extremely high tensile strength and compressive strength, as well as good toughness and durability.

  • 12.4mm low-deflection carbon fiber shaft, a lightweight shaft that produces lower deflection than the most advanced woods.

  • Carbon shafts are dent, warp and scratch resistant, are waterproof and don't require much maintenance over time.

  • It adopts a multi-layer tip imported from Japan, which is rich in elastic fiber and has strong ball-grabbing power. The green tip makes it easy to visually determine the remaining life of the tip, making replacement of the tip more accurate. The perfectly adjusted curved tip eliminates the need for secondary processing and polishing.

  • The hollow bumper can be directly connected to the extended handlebar, which is convenient and practical. 18.5-20oz adjustable weight, you can adjust the weight according to your preference.