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CRICAL Glove Pool Training Glove Professional Fix Finger Billiard Wristband Gloves Carom Snooker Practice Billiards Accessories

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With the CRICAL Training Glove you can :

1.Shoot straighter shots/Be more consistent

2.Eliminate excess movement in your stroke

3.Brace your shooting hand into the proper position

4.Create muscle memory to lock your wrist into the proper position


Function: when playing pool table to protect our wrist

it is suit for Billiard Pool /snooker carom game playing

BRACE YOURSELF and shoot like a PRO !

Why use the CRICAL Gloves?

90% of all shots are missed due to excess wrist movement; lateral wrist movement causes this.

Do you know that just 1/32 of inch of lateral movement can cause the object ball fo miss by as much as a full pocket?

The "CRICAL Glove" is a training aid and can used in competition.

There are no rules that prohibit the use of the "CRICAL Glove".

2 Time U.S Open Winner

Caution: Pro Shot Product Contents are:

Knitted elastic, rubber, nylon, vinyl, velcro, and malleable aluminum.

There are some people that are allergic to latex products. If a arsh or skin irritation appears during or afer use, discontinue using the Glove immediately. Please consulf a health professional for medical advice if there is any reaction to the contents.

Disclaimer: This product is for use in Billiard(pool) only.