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KL Chalk Pink(dry)

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KONLLEN Billiards Chalk Professional Chalk Nano Technology Tournament Dedicated for National Billiards Players(Outstanding Performance,Reduce Miscue,Durable,Low Deflection)

  • KONLLEN newly upgraded pink (dry) chalk, technical upgrade, The silty nano-level is meticulous, not easy to fall off, not scattered into the air, and not easy to spread. The advantage is that it is more environmentally friendly and healthy .
  • Catch the ball, strong friction, the ball can be plugged next to the edge of the table, ordinary powder can not hit the angle, this smart powder can help you hit it, you can play all kinds of cue spin.
  • Easy to tear paper design, can be used conveniently without dirty hands.
  • Durable, one-time powder, ordinary powder can only be used once, this one-time powder can be used 10 times without replenishing powder, one powder is topped with 5 ordinary powder.
  • It is full of sense of science and technology, and the unique formula specially developed by the Konllen R&D team is specially designed for professional players. It can be used in various large-scale competitions with strong stability.