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KONLLEN Billiard Carbon Fiber Pool Cue 12.5mm Tip 3*8/8 Joint Pin Professional Taper Leather Grip with case

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Name:KONLLEN Carbon Energy

Ferrule:Bakelite ferrule


Structure:1/2 Split Cue

Style:Pool Cue

Shaft:Carbon Fiber Shaft


Tip Size:12.5mm

We have experienced designers who use color stitching and material collision to highlight their taste


Harder than toughened glass The black technology forelimb uses aerospace-grade pure carbon fiber composite material, the appearance is carbon black, the hollow structure makes the shaft lighter, but the carbon fiber can be more powerful than the solid wood cue Shockproof foam filling material, Mixed shaft, shock-resistant multi-density molecular foam and aerospace fiber composite tubes, so that each forelimb has a lower mass and kinetic energy transmission, No embroidering and no erosion, good durability, seamless butt joints, high transmission strength 3*8/11Joint Technology pattern design Exquisite cowhide grip


The extension needs to be purchased separately