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KONLLEN Rainbow Billiards Tip with Clear SX/SS/S/M/MH/H 11mm/14mm Pool Cue Tip 9 Layers Of Pigskin Cue Head Accessory 1 Piece

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  • Originated from the research and development of the American design team, using high-quality pig skins imported from Japan, screening layers by layer, and continuous testing to ensure high-quality leather goods.

  • The new spacer is upgraded to improve performance, nanotechnology, better hitting feel, and enhanced tip elasticity, which can be used for daily competition in professional competitions.

  • The 9-layer pigskin design and unique noise reduction treatment give the cue ball a higher speed and a longer service life.

  • 6 kinds of hardness can be selected, SX/SS/S/M/MH/H, 2 kinds of sizes can be selected, 11mm/14mm.

  • The rainbow color design makes your billiard cue stand out from the crowd, imagine how beautiful a rainbow looks and feel on your cue.