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MANDUN Billard Silicone Handle Sleeve Rubber Grip Non-slip Sweatproof Billiard Accessories Protective Pool&Fishing Rod Grip

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Brand:MANDUN product name: South Korea Imported Professional Grip Protectors Thickness: 0.8mm length: 29cm(Can be stretched to 35cm after loading)


If your hands sweat more, If your cue wrap is not enough non-slip, If your grip has bumps and scratches that affect appearance, If your grip is not comfortable enough Don't worry! Silicone handle sleeve can help you. Sweat-absorbent non-slip,Exquisite, attractive and durable, Good elasticity,Feel good,Easy to disassemble. Whether it is snooker cue or pool cue,it can fit well.Its length is 30cm, but it is flexible.If your grip is more than 30 cm,It can fit well too.


1.Score a cue without a word and then roll it up 2.Keep rolling along the cue until it is removed 3.Reversing the direction and inserting the cue 4.Keep rolling to the grip position 5.Roll to the right position, and then open the rubber sleeve, it will succeed