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KONLLEN billiards

Upgrade Round Chalk Holder

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KONLLEN Multifunctional Upgrade Round Pool Cue Chalk Holder-Portable Cue Chalk Holder for Billiard Cue Snooker Accessory Tip Tool

  • Newly upgraded multi-functional round chalk holder, built-in strong magnetic piece, carbon steel frosted plate at the bottom, regular texture, easy and quick to polish the initial curvature of the tip.
  • Thickened metal, selected materials, excellent workmanship, fine grinding, strong corrosion resistance, waterproof and wear-resistant, strong and durable. Comes with a special hex screwdriver, reinforced with fine powder, not easy to fall off, easy to install.
  • Two-in-one split design, easy to open the cover, convenient to use, just tighten it when not in use, and can effectively prevent the powder from drying, cracking and damage, affecting daily use.
  • How to use: Loosen the screws and put the powder into the metal bin, then tighten the two screws with the attached tool. When tightening the screws, pay attention to gently tightening the powder until it touches the powder. (Very easily breaks up the powder)
  • There is a circle of diamond-shaped lines on the upper cover to play an anti-slip effect, so you don't have to worry about the embarrassment of not being able to unscrew the cover.The round chalk holder has an outer diameter of 32mm, an inner strength of 22mm, a height of 25mm, and a weight of 28g (1oz).